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Normal People Scare Me: The Soundtrack
Normal People Scare Me: The Soundtrack
by Keri Bowers

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From the acclaimed film about autism, Normal People Scare Me, comes a new Soundtrack featuring Double Platinum Grammy winning artist, Taylor Dayne, performing “Locked Inside of Me,” written by Joey Travolta and Jeff Lass. The Soundtrack is Co-Produced by Grammy winning producer, Rob Christie, and filmmaker, Keri Bowers. The Soundtrack features a collection of contemporary songs which have already proved to have audiences asking for more.

Artists featured on the soundtrack have come together to record and perform a swing/jazz-styled arrangement of Louie Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World.” Guest musicians are legendary performing artists, Dave Koz, Gregg Field, and a sprinkling of Frank Sinatra’s original band. Joey Gian, lends soulful vocals, along with Susan Sheller, Kirsten Proffit, Jeff Phillips, and Shawn Ellis to the track. “What a Wonderful World” is a bonus to the track a song that was used in Keri Bowers’ summer camps for children with autism for 5 years — the history of the song lives in the hearts of hundreds of kids in the Conejo Valley in Southern California, and footage of the camps with a flip chart to the song will be used in an upcoming promotional video... Very cool.

CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS, DISABILITIES AWARENESS SCHOLARSHIPS Portions of proceeds from sales of the soundtrack and 100% of the “What a Wonderful World” royalties will be donated to two well-deserving charities who support disabilities and the arts: pARTnerships, a Minnesota-based International Greeting Card Company designed for and with artists with disabilities creating livelihoods in art designs and products, and PAUSE4kids, a California-based non-profit organization furthering education, advocacy, and the arts in disabilities awareness.